Help your students take a field trip into the past with my "Time Traveler Treasure Hunt" presentation and workshop.

Students will explore history through various research methods, identifying primary and secondary sources, and use clues and codes to help find a deeper story behind obvious facts. I use an interactive approach, with a slide show and supplemental information from the book, combined with a writing exercise that emphasizes setting and draws from photos, object, and maps.

 Aligns with Virginia Standards of Learning 3.12 for Social Studies in grades three and four, and ELA Common Core for grades three-five.



Using main character Mihaela's story, students can compare and contrast the conditions that immigrants faced in the past with today and provide a vehicle for discussion and empathy. Through a Readers' Theater application, students can participate with reading and sound effects. This can also provide an opportunity to share their own life stories through writing. Enrichment materials will include a slide show comparing period and modern music, dress and entertainment, and the use of herbs as medicine.

Aligns with Virginia's SOL 3.12 for Social Studies and 3.5 and 3.7 for ELA



I'll explain how historical fiction novels focus on the human consequences of events in the past. Using the book as a guide, we'll explore themes such as surviving unexpected change with resilience and grit. We will examine the details found in research that make a story compelling and I'll show how to apply this information to students' writing. Referencing my own writing process, I will help students draw upon their personal emotions and experiences to bring depth to their writing. Supporting materials include a slide show and writing exercises that focus on using all the senses.

Aligns with ELA Common Core for grades four-five.

All presentations can be customized to meet a school or library need.